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Bat Sizing Guide

Bat Sizing Guide - For ages 5 - 18

  • This chart is suggested only, but we use this same chart fitting ball players in our store and it has never failed us. It has long been our philosophy to fit length first, then weight. One ounce is about the same as 2 pennies taped to the end of the barrel.
  • A lighter bat may allow you to use a longer bat. However, a longer bat may be harder to hit than a shorter one depending on your age and your arm/ wrist strength.
  • Regarding youth, senior league and fast pitch bats - when deciding between 2 or 3 bats find the correct length first, then let the weight be the deciding factor.
  • Girls / womens fast pitch softball, you can add 1".
  • The faster you can swing a bat the further the ball will go when hit, so choose a lighter bat.
  • Two bats of the same length and weight but different model will probably feel different. This is because the swing weight of the bat is different because the weight of the bat is balanced differently (for example: end loaded bat vs. balanced bat).


  • These sizing regulations are generalizations so check your league rules when choosing a bat.
  • Little League allows for a bat with a 2-1/4'' barrel.
  • Transition leagues, such as Babe Ruth, allow for a bat with up to a 2-3/4'' barrel.
  • High School allows for a BBCOR Certified bat with a 2-5/8'' barrel with a -3 drop.
  • Senior Leagues generally allow for a 2-5/8'' or 2-3/4'' barrel.


  • Most leagues want an ASA Certified bat that has an ASA STAMP OR is on the ASA CERTIFIED BAT LIST , BUT some leagues require different certifications or they have there own approved bat list.
  • Stamped bats are not always legal. Check the ASA ILLEGAL BAT LIST for more info
  • You may want to check with your league before your choose a bat.